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Table Metadata





Show the Table Metadata window using menu Metadata -> Table Metadata or keyboard F5.






Use checkbox to include or exclude this Field from the display

Unique Values

Number of distinct values


Unique Values / Number of rows

Null count

Number of rows containing null values


Number of rows containing a non-null value.

Text count

Number of rows containing alphanumeric values

Numeric count

Number of rows containing numeric values

Size, bytes

Total bytes required for symbol storage and table index bits.


Average number of internal bytes per value.  Numeric values occupy 4 bytes each.


Tags assigned ot the field.

XML Type

Type assigned in the QVD NumberFormat element.


The default Num format pattern, if assigned.


Comment assigned to the field.



 Open a listbox dialog for the selected field.


 Create a Qlik Script LOAD statement for the checked Fields.


  Export Metadata to Excel file.





QViewer version 4.3.1